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5  9th Ave South, Hopkins, MN 55343  (952) 938-2056

Downtown Hopkins, MN

Full Arm Wax $31
Waxing both arms, includes fingers.
Back Wax $42
Includes the whole back, and minimal amount on shoulder tops.
Shoulder, Partial Arm $18
​​Includes front of shoulders to the collarbone, and arms to t-shirt length.
Chest Wax $42
Waxing upper chest area, does not include stomach area.
Partial Back Wax $23
Up to 1/2 of the back wax, upper or lower.
Stomach Wax $13
Waxing stomach area only, not chest area.

Tinting Services
Lash Tint $18
Coloring of eyelashes, variety of color choices.  Lasts about 2 weeks.
Brow Tint $13
Coloring of eyelashes, variety of color choices.  Lasts about 2 weeks.

Waxing Services
Bikini Wax -Female-(Includes Brazilian) $42
Choose as much or as little off as you like. More than a simple bikini, and up to full Brazilian including optional backside and tummy strip.  Hot/Hard or Soft wax available.
Bikini Line-Female $23
A basic bikini wax, includes sides  of the bathing suit area.
Eyebrow Wax $15
Trimming, Shaping, and Waxing of both eyebrows above, below, and in between.
Lip Wax $11
Waxing upper lip area, optional bottom lip included in price.
Chin Wax $13
Waxing of the chin, down to the neck area if desired.
Full Face Wax $38
Includes eyebrows, lip, chin, neck, cheek, sideburn and nose waxing.  Available to female guests only.
Cheek Wax $18
Waxing of the cheek and sideburn area, only available for female guests.
Nose Wax $13
Waxing just inside both nostrils.
Ear Wax $12
Waxing of both ears.
Half Leg Wax $28
Waxing both upper or lower legs, optional feet/toes included in lower leg.
Underarm Waxing $16
​Waxing both underarms.
Full Leg Wax $53
Waxing both legs, optional feet/toes included.
Half Arm Wax $21
Waxing both arms choice of upper or lower.  Optional hand/finger included with lower arm.